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This time the foreign language part of our home page is under development. Until then, let us to familiarize you briefly with the products, services and history of our firm:

Our activities

First of all, we are dealing with small- and large-format digital printing, commercial decoration, point of sales advertisement production, graphic planning and picture processing.

Our products

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Business cards, letter paper, calendar, wall calendar, leaflets, catalogues, books, user guides, halting boards, shop decoration, glass decals, drink sheets, menu, placard, molino, badge, roll-up, attrap, car decoration, press wall, hang-down advertisements, menu board, graphic elements of commercial refrigerator, drink-, coffee- and snack (vending) automatons, etc.

Services provided by us

Small- and large-format printing, binding, framing, printing industrial product development, printing industrial organization, graphic planning, picture processing, print preparation, production of contract quality proof.

Our team

Amongst our 20 colleagues equally can be found printing office machine master, decorator, bookbinder, packaging industrial engineer, expert in chromatics, etc., thus you can be sure that we are able to give cost-efficient answer meeting the most complex printing industrial and quality requirements, saving time, energy and money for you.

Our machine park

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Large format

Océ Arizona sheet and roll printing machine
Ink type: UV (5 colours – CMYKW)
Board size: 125x250x5 cm
Roll size: 220 cm

HP L26500 reel printing machine
Ink type: Latex (6 colours – CMYKLcLm)
Roll size: 155 cm

HP 9000s reel printing machine
Ink type: mild-solvent (6 colours – CMYKLcLm)
Roll size: 162 cm

Roland SJ745 EX reel printing machine
Ink type: eco-solvent (6 colours – CMYKLcLm)
Roll size: 189 cm

Roland CJ540 reel printing machine
Ink type: water based pigment (6 colours – CMYKLcLm)
Roll size: 137 cm

For finishing operations: Fotoba roll cutting machine, roller cutters, laminator and mounting, eyelet making machines, etc.

Sheet digital printing

Canon ImagePress 6000 color digital printing machine

Xerox black-white digital printing machine

Programmable creasing and perforating machine

Binding machines: Duplo hot-melt, saddle stitcher, spiralling machines, Polar cutting machine, GMP laminator, etc.

And a lot of professional software like: GMG color management software, EFI, Colorgate, Onyx, etc. RIP softwares, Special personalization software for variable data printing, etc.

If you need any more information or price offer, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Many thanks for your honourable attention!


1136 Budapest, Raoul Wallenberg u. 9.

Mobile: +36 20 911 6014
Fax: +36 1 270 1465



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